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Adrian Schönig's Blog

Adrian Śliwa on Medium

Alan Zeino on Medium

Alberto De Bortoli’s Blog

Alejandro Martinez's Blog

Alexander Grebenyuk’s Blog

Alexandros Salazar’s Blog

Alexey Naumov’s Blog

Alexis Creuzot on Medium

Anastasiia Vixentael on Medium

Andrea Antonioni’s Blog

Andrey Volodin on Medium

Andy Matuschak’s Blog

Andy Obusek’s Blog

Apoorva Tyagi’s Blog

Ariel Elkin’s Blog

Arjun Nayini’s Blog

Arseniy Kuznetsov’s Blog

Artem Novichkov’s Blog

Artem Novichkov’s Blog

Arthur Sabintsev's Blog

Arthur Van Siclen on Medium

Aymen Rebouh on Medium

Badarinath Venkatnarayansetty on Medium

Bartosz Polaczyk on Medium

Basem Emara’s Blog

Ben Scheirman’s Blog

Ben Scholtysik’s Blog

Benoit Pasquier’s Blog

Berta Devant on Medium

Besher Al Maleh’s Blog

Bret Victor’s Blog

Bryan Irace’s Blog

Bryce Pauken’s Blog

Carlos Santos’ Blog

Cassius Pacheco's Blog

Cecilia Humlelu on Medium

Chris Eidhof’s Blog

Chris Marshall on Medium

Chris Winstanley on Medium

Christian Selig's Blog

Cons Bulaquena on Medium

César Vargas on Medium

Dan Gauthier’s Blog

Dan Loman’s Blog

Daniel Kennett’s Blog

Daniel Saidi’s Blog

Daniel Tull’s Blog

DanielT1263’s Blog mostly about RxSwift

Daniele Margutti’s Blog

Dasdom Dev Blog

Dave DeLong’s Blog

Dave Verwer’s Blog

David Cordero’s Blog

David Seek’s Blog

David Smith’s Blog’

David Yang’s Blog’

Denys Zhadanov on Medium

Derik Ramirez’s Blog

Development with Mike Nachbaur

Dominic Williams' Blog

Donny Wals’ Blog

Douglas Hill's Blog

Drew McCormack on Medium

Dušan Tadić’s Blog

Egor Tolstoy’s Blog

Eleni Papanikolopoul on Medium

Emilio Peláez’s Blog

Fabian Fett's Blog

Fadi Ossama on Medium

Fady Derias on Medium

Felix Krause’s Blog

Felizia Bernutz's Blog

Filip Němeček’s Blog

Francesco Marisaldi on Medium

Gabriel Hauber’s Blog

Georgios Sotiropoulos on Medium

Grant Isom's Blog

Guilherme Rambo’s Blog

Gwenn Guihal on Medium

Göksel Köksal on Medium

Hacking The iOS Interview

Harshil Shah’s Blog

Heberti Almeida’s Blog

Hesham Abd-Elmegid’s Blog

Honza Dvorsky’s Blog

Igor Kulman’s Blog

Ilian Konchev on Medium

Ilya Puchka’s Blog

Imthath's Swift Journey

Jack Newcombe's Blog

James Dempsey’s Blog

Jasdev Singh’s technical diary

Jason Zurita’s Blog

Javier Soto’s Blog

Jean Mainguy on Medium

Jeff Morhous’ Blog

Jeremy W. Sherman’s Blog

Jille van der Weerd on Medium

Jimmy M Andersson on Medium

Jodi Humphreys on Medium

Joe Masilotti’s Blog

Jogendra’s Blog

John Patrick Morgan’s Blog

John Scott’s Blog

Julian Schiavo’s Blog

Kaira Diagne’s Blog

Karol S. Mazur’s Blog

Kentios Thinks About Tech

Kristaps Grinbergs’s Blog

Krzysztof Zabłocki’s Blog

Kyle Bashour’s Blog

Kyle Seth Gray’s Blog

Landon Fuller’s Blog

Lars Augustin’s Blog

Living in Paraside

Luis Ascorbe's Blog

Luis Recuenco on Medium

Luke Smith’s Blog

Majid’s Blog about Swift development

Makin’ that Instapaper

Marcin Jackowski on Medium

Marcin Krzyżanowski’s Blog

Marcos Griselli’s Blog

Marina Gornostaeva's Blog

Mark Brownsword's Blog

Mark Struzinski’s Blog

Martin Mitrevski’s Blog

Mateusz Matrejek's Blog

Mateusz Stawecki’s Blog

Mathias Quintero's Blog

Matt Ronge's Blog

Matteo Manferdini’s Blog

Max Desiatov’s Blog

Max Howell on Medium

Mayur Gowravaram's Blog

Meng To’s Blog

Mhd Hejazi on Medium

Michael Eisel’s Blog

Michele Titolo’s Blog

Mihaela MJ's Blog

Mike Mikina’s Blog

Mike Pesate on Medium

Mike Swanson’s Blog

Milen Dzhumerov’s Blog

Mohsen’s Blog

Morten Bek Ditlevsen on Medium

Natan Rolnik’s Blog

Natanel Niazoff's Blog

Nate Thompson’s Blog

Neil Horton on Medium

Niamh Power on Medium

Nikita Lazarev-Zubov on Medium

Nikita Rodionov on Medium

Nikolay Fiantsev on Medium

Noah Gilmore’s Blog

Noah Martin on Medium

Ole Begemann’s Blog

Oleg Dreyman’s Blog

Orestis' Papadopoulos Blog

Ozgur Sahin on Medium

Pablo Villar on Medium

Patrick Balestra’s Blog

Paul Samuels’ Blog

Pavel Zak’s Dev Blog

Paweł Madej's Blog

Pedro Carrasco’s Website

Peter Friese’s Blog

Peter Steinberger’s Blog

Pierre Felgines’s Blog

Programming With Swift

Ram Shandilya's Blog

Raul Riera on Medium

Richard Jones' Blog

Riley Testut’s Blog

Rob Kerr’s Weblog

Ross Butler on Medium

Rostyslav Dovhaliuk on Medium

Roy Marmelstein on Medium

Rubén Méndez on Medium

Russ Bishop’s Blog

Ryan Ashcraft's Blog

Sam Dods’s Blog

Samantha John’s Blog

Sarun Wongpatcharapakorn’s Blog

Scott Gardner's Blog

Sebastian Osiński’s Blog

Serhii Kharauzov on Medium

Shankar Madeshvaran on Medium

Shihab Mehboob (JPEGuin) on Medium

Simon Fairbairn’s Blog

Simon Wolf’s Writings

Slava Pestov on Medium

Soheil Novinfard's Blog

Soroush Khanlou’s Blog

Srđan's notes on programming

Stuart Breckenridge’s Blog

Tammo Freese on Medium

The Always Right Institute

The Atomic Birdhouse

The Shape of Everything

The education of Paul Weichhart

Thomas Ricouard on Medium

Tim Miko’s Blog

Tim Oliver’s Blog

Tony Arnold’s Blog

Topolog’s tech blog

Umberto Raimondi’s Blog

Vatsal Manot's Blog

Victor Pavlychko on Medium

Vlad Iacob on Medium

Vojta Stavik’s Blog

Vojtech Rinik on Medium

Warp your mobile development

Weaponized Fluff

Will Bishop’s Blog

William Boles’s Blog

YASB - Yet Another Swift Blog

Yunus Koçyiğit - Medium

Zach Knox’s Blog

Zanella Gaétan on Medium

Zanella Gaétan on Medium

Zoë Smith’s blog

magnuskahr writing code

mobidevtalk, Learning through case study

myeyesareblind's Blog

samwize’s Blog